Ideological Blurring in Maharashtra Politics

The coming together of Shiv Sena with Congress is a great ideological risk. The move can dilute the Shiv Sena’s stance as a right-wing political party. This is likely to hit the orthodox votebank that Shiv Sena has. Congress is clearly the odd man out with its national party status, its past rule (wherein Shiv Sena played a fervent opposition), and its appeasement politics (hitherto unacceptable to Shiv Sena). The only solace for Shiv Sena is its alliance with NCP with its more or less regional appeal among the Maharashtrians, and with Sharad Pawar being someone who was once held in regard by Shiv Sena’s ex-supremo Bal Thackeray. The move will, in general, blunt the ideological appeals that the parties make to the populace. The blunting of ideological appeal is good news for the people because, once a political party is able to escape the clutches of old redundant ideology the voters can really focus on worthwhile tasks that the political party has accomplished. This can be clearly seen in nations like the United Kingdom where ideological stance is present but the divide isn’t drawn based on right-wing and left-wing, because of one obvious reason of it being a capitalist nation, but there is a conservation of two party format — the Conservative Party and the Labour Party. Thus, there is a de facto ideological blurring. This ideological blurring is what is needed for a nation like India to tide over situations where entire elections running on the agenda of development go wasted when the winning party chooses communalism as a state policy thereafter. Thus, this blurring will make the odd alliance work on ideological compromise and focus more on things that matter to the populace — employment, development, health, education, economy, infrastructure, law and order, etc. Thus, the exposure of ideological sham and evident nakedness of the alliance can spell good news for the state if the alliance realises it’s the end of the era of ideological rhetoric and the beginning of the era of preparation of common minimum program. The voters know that ideologies just exist as tokens for election rhetoric and are only symbolic in nature. This is the current state of politics in Europe. So my thought is, Shiv Sena coming in alliance with Congress is good news for the populace. Perhaps, Mr. Uddhav Thackeray knows he cannot fool people with the Hindutva agenda now. But the Congress hasn’t really given up on appeasement politics. That can prove to be the bone of contention between the alliance partners. All in all, the tiger (🐅) has been tamed at the hand (✋) of the Congress due to the dreams of good times (⏰) shown by the NCP.
© Marcus Maelstrom

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